What end uses do John England supply fabrics for?

  • Apparel linens  (plain fabrics (several different weights), Jacquard damasks, 3D fabrics (new*), multi-layered fabrics, extra wide fabrics, coated fabrics)
  • Theatrical costumes
  • Upholstery (rub tested)
  • Loose Covers
  • Curtains
  • Bed linen (fabrics up to 3 metres wide, white and ecru held in stock)
  • Table linen (plain linens and damask, up to 3 metres wide)
  • PrInting fabrics
  • Huckaback towelling fabric
  • Fabrics for ecclesiastical linens (mainly white Irish linen)
  • Handkerchief fabric (plain)
  • Irish linen wedding dress fabric

‚ÄčCan I get John England fabrics pre-shrunk?

Yes, you can buy almost all John England fabrics pre-shrunk and softened. This basically involves various types of commercial laundering processes.After this process there may be a small amount of residual shrinkage left, but most will be removed.The purpose of this process is to shrink fabrics in such a way that garments or items made up of these fabrics do not, or shrink very little, in subsequent washing by the end user.Some fabrics can be Sanforized. This is a trademark used for fabric preshrunk by a patented mechanical process. Please ask our sales staff about this.

Do John England only supply 100% linen fabrics?

John England mostly sell 100% linen fabrics, but as well as this we sell linen blends with cotton , lambswool, polyamide, polyester and other fibres. The various different fibres that are used in John England fabrics are used to enhance the linen and bring various different properties to the fabrics. These are both physical, aesthetic and organoleptic, and include increasing the rub resistance for upholstery fabrics, and giving different handles, drapes and appearances to the linens.

Apart from being a fashion fabric, does linen have any other benefits?

Pure linen fabrics, made of flax fibres, are characterized by a pleasant and cool handle. At high ambient temperatures the physiological properties of linen outclass by far other fibres - in particularly taking into account direct contact with the human body. Linen has a very good absorption properties.

Currently the non-allergic, antibacterial, and antimycotic properties of linen are emphasized more and more often. Even low blends of linen have an advantageous influence on fabrics which are in direct contact with the human body, such as clothing and bedding.

The kind of static electricity that can build up on our bodies and everyday objects, and the mini-shocks that may result, usually only cause mild discomfort, and have not been shown to have a detrimental effect on human health. However, some people do appear to be particularly sensitive to static shocks, and in such cases the constant anticipation of the shock can contribute to high stress levels.

In some circumstances, static electricity presents a safety risk. Flammable liquid or vapour can be ignited by an electrostatic spark, and this needs to be protected against in certain industries.

Some people produce more electrostatic charge than others, for various reasons including body size and the materials their clothing and shoes are made of. Clothes made from wool, silk or synthetics, and plastic-soled shoes can all cause electrostatic charge to build up. Some people simply feel electrostatic shocks more than others.

Linen is one solution to this problem. It minimizes the build up of static electricity, and is not a source of it.

Does John England sponsor students?

John England would very much like to help all students with free fabric as they feel passionately about the industry, however, this is just not possible for a small business.  With a very large number of requests, mainly from students on fashion courses, John England can only offer support to very exceptional students, or those with a very exceptional reason why they should be supported.

If you you think you might be exceptional or have an exceptional reason why John England should offer support, you should write to John England (Banbridge) Ltd explaining your case. If John England agrees with you this will need to be confirmed, on letter headed paper, by a senior member of staff from the college or university you attend. If John England is not satisfied with this response the offer may be declined.

If requests are still too numerous, John England may not reply.

The support will be in the way of a reasonable amount of John England unique fabrics, and the gesture must be acknowledged in any papers written, fashion shows, etc.